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"I don't have enough time to study..."

But what if it’s just a matter of studying the things you need? What if you need professional guidance to take the right direction for you and improve faster?

90% of people do not reach the desired level in their musical growth due to the lack of a targeted educational program built on specific objectives.

If you don’t have a plan to achieve them, everything will remain just a dream, and you will keep wasting precious time noodling around YouTube, looking for material to study!

Sounds pretty familiar to you, right? 🙂

The GUITARlab Membership consists of only what you need to explore musically. Plus, it is always accessible. You will no longer be able to say, “I don’t have time for …”


"Taking lessons online will never be like studying with a teacher in person..."

What if there was a way to have all the flexibility of an online course (thanks to which you can study at any time of the day and in any place)? And being guided step by step by a coach with hundreds of concerts worldwide, international collaborations and over 15 years of teaching experience?

All this is now possible to get in GuitarLab!

GUITARlab is not the usual online course: it is the place where you will find everything you need to boost your musical growth. Whatever you’re entry-level. You’ll never be alone!

Who is GUITARlab® for

This educational path is for everyone!
Regardless of your level, you will find tremendous benefit from all the information you will learn along this path.

What you will find inside

These are some of the courses you will find inside:

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All the basic concepts you need to approach the electric guitar and gain a solid understanding of the Blues.


Through interactive sheet music, you can view the notes you play in real time, so you can stay on top of your playing.


You will learn, with the support of Davide Pannozzo, all the techniques needed to play independently.

Why join the Membership?

Private community

Access to a community of students who, like you, have taken your same path. Have a confrontation is crucial to get the best results.

Exclusive Newsletters

Exclusive newsletters with a listening guide, tips for studying, and instrumentation to get the right sound.

Telegram channel

Individual support via Telegram throughout the course.

Video Feedback

Evaluation of your videos related to each lesson through personalized feedback videos with which you always know how to move on the educational path.

Exclusive Live Masterclasses

Get access to Live Masterclasses live every two weeks, only for Membership students.


This is the diploma you will get after completing each course

At the end of each course, you will get a diploma that you can download and print, certifying your participation and completion of the educational path.

What students think

Riproduci video
An amazing way to learn complex topics!
Leggi Tutto
I want to to thank our coach Davide for making such an in-depth and complex course so simple! A course to be started, completed, and, again, restarted from the beginning. Nobody is immune to learning, all you need is a good method, a great coach, LOTS of APPLICATION, and the results will come!

Andrea Spadola
The best source of teaching materials!
Leggi Tutto
GuitarLab, created by Davide Pannozzo, is a comprehensive website and great source of teaching materials to learn how to play the Blues. Davide is not only a great player, but an excellent instructor and the site contains a vast amount of material from soloing techniques, rhythm playing, scales, tunes, improvisation, master classes, transcriptions, video demonstrations, detailed individualized feedback and even more all at your fingertips on an easy-to-understand platform.

I personally strongly recommend this method as a transformational step for any guitarist who wishes to further expand their knowledge and capabilities and deep dive into the Blues. If you can make the time in your busy schedule to utilize even a small portion of the material presented you will certainly find this to be a great tool to guide you on your journey.


Jac Jacaruso
Extremely positive experience
Leggi Tutto
My experience as a member of the Guitarlab has been extremely positive. The energy among the students is great and inspiring. The vibes felt on the course is great. We are so lucky to have a hero as a teacher.

An exceptional musician with excellent pedagogy. I really don't understand how Davide manages to find the time to help us all. Remember our names and vulnerabilities as students. His patience and dedication as a teacher is incredible.

A few classes ago, something happened that shocked me a lot and gave me a very different and clear vision about him. It happened that before the sight of all the students that that day we followed his class online, we saw all of Davide suddenly bursting into tears from his eyes while he told us about his experience through the recording of the last of his album. Maybe it's just about this insanity of life in isolation in which we all currently live, I don't know. Maybe he, like many, misses playing with others. Take back those frozen moments, I don't know.

I believe that behind that great teacher that we have, lives an excellent human being, full of passion and dreams, who inspires and making us all levitate with the best energy.
Very helpful method
Leggi Tutto
The texts, licks and video demonstrations explained the topics very well. I found it extremely useful to send the video recordings to coach Davide Pannozzo, playing on the bases he proposed since they "forced" me to do a lot of practice, as well as to master the various scales we studied.

The feedback I received from Davide was very helpful to understand what to correct and where to improve.

Stanislao Sansone

Join GUITARlab today, it costs less than a coffee a day!

A community, a professional who follows you step by step, all the flexibility and technology at your disposal. Always.


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How does GUITARlab Membership work?

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email asking you about your current goals and difficulties.

From there, I will personally advise you on the first steps to take to immediately start working on all aspects of your playing (Technique, Harmony, Scales, Phrasing, Repertoire, etc …)

You will never be alone. I will always be there to guide you and help you in your growth.

Davide Pannozzo, GUITARlab founder

You can count on my support, always!

I created my GUITARlab © Academy to allow everyone to access the information they need to improve their playing on the Blues.

In my life, I have had the opportunity to play in the best Blues festivals in the world and to collaborate with international musicians such as Steve Jordan, Robben Ford, Josh Smith, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy.

I have put all my experience into my courses, and I can’t wait to help you on a path of musical growth that, you will see, will take you where you did not even think you could get.

The road is long and hard, but it will become a fascinating journey full of discoveries if faced together with perseverance and dedication.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in yourself and experience first-hand what hundreds of students have already gotten in their playing.

See you on the other side!
Best regards,


Questions? We have the answers for you!

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email asking you about your current goals and difficulties. From there, I will advise you on the first steps to take to quickly start working on all aspects of your playing (Technique, Harmony, Scales, Phrasing, Repertoire, etc …)

You have to consider the Membership as a sort of Netflix: a set of courses divided by topics and level that allow you to work on all aspects of your playing, from Technique to Harmony, passing through Comping, Phrasing, and Repertoire.

By subscribing to the Membership, you get access to all the educational programs present on the portal plus exclusive sections available only on this option (Lick Library, Guitar Solo Arrangements, Jam Track Library) and the Live Masterclasses every two weeks.

You will have access to all content as long as your subscription is active.

On the other hand, the single courses deal with a specific topic, and once purchased, they remain yours for life.

You can always write to us through the chat on the site (click on the button at the bottom right) or shoot us an email to

The subscription to the GUITARlab Membership is always automatic renewal. It renews automatically every 30 days starting from the day of registration. Eevery month the fee will be withdrawn from the payment method you indicated during the purchase.

All payments are processed by the platform that hosts the GUITARlab Membership, or Kajabi.

GUITARlab Membership does not expire! As long as you are registered, you can take advantage of all the courses on the platform.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just access your profile from the reserved “billing” area and cancel your subscription.