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Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

All you need to know to play the Modern Blues with the right feeling!

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Do you want to start playing the Modern Blues and Licks without confusing scales or those hard-to-understand theories? Then this course is for you.


In this course, you will learn all the scales you need to improvise on the Blues with a modern and evolved language! With me – a professional Blues musician – as your personal guitar teacher, you will receive one lesson per week, which you can stay at your own convenience. Your classes include 21 scales, you’ll receive HD videos, more than 80 licks, original jam tracks, and personalized feedback from me for each video you submit.

Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

Course Program

This is what you will be studying
Pentatonic Scales

We'll be learning how to play Pentatonic Scales all over the fretboard and will discover other interesting scales (like Pentatonic Add6 or Dominant 7th Pentatonic) to broaden your musical horizons!

Major Modes

We will tackle the Major Modes easily and in a very musical way. You will be able to use them in different contexts and harmonic situations without losing the correct language.

Melodic Minor Modes

In this chapter, we will study all the modes of the Melodic Minor scale. We will learn the relationships with the altered chords, and we will understand how to use all the scales easily and without any confusing theory.

Harmonic Minor Scale

A super interesting tool to use in some Blues / Jazz contexts.

Diminished Scale

We will learn how to use diminished scales in different contexts to create tension and alter our improvisations.

Whole Tone

One of the most dissonant and most interesting scales to use on Modern Blues in altered contexts.

Course Description

What to know before starting

Introducing Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar…The New Interactive Guitar Method by Davide Pannozzo.


This is my course designed to level-up your Blues playing using the exact same tools and tricks that Modern Blues Masters like Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy use.

It makes it easy for you to unlock your guitar playing and boost your live gigs!


Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Easily know and apply all the scales you can use on the Blues and play them easily over the chord changes
  • Quit worrying about what scale you could use over specific chords
  • Get better gigs, and watch your social media accounts grow with new followers and likes showing your new skill on the guitar!
  • Stop wasting money on a one-to-one guitar lesson or searching your answers on YouTube for hours

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.


In fact, you can ask big names of the Modern Blues to give you private lessonsUnfortunately, if they agree to do that, they also charge even $200 per hour.

That’s why you’re going to love Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar.

New Teaching Method Helps You Unlock Your Guitar Playing Faster, even if you’re not so advanced!!

Meaning you can get better gigs that you’re getting now without hiring an expensive teacher!

You feel stuck in your style, playing the same pentatonic scales over & over again?

With this course, you will know EVERY tool you can use to make your style more interesting and… tasty!

Need a guide to understand EXACTLY what step to take to level-up your playing?

I’ll guide you through this path using the same formula as hundreds of students around the world are using already with incredible results!

With Scale Concepts, you’ll know all the scales used by the best Modern Blues guitar players in the world including Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy, Carl Verheyen.

Scale Concepts will teach you new skills no matter what is your genre!

Scale Concepts works for all genres. Even if… You’re playing Rock, Funk, Pop, Jazz Music!

If You can keep your guitar in your hands You Can easily Develop Your Own Style with This Course!

Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar is incredibly easy to use, even if you don’t think you’re a good guitar player (yet!).

With Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar you will get:

  • A proven method used by hundreds of students all around the world with HUGE results.

  • You’ll know EVERY scale used by the greats on the Modern Blues.

  • You’ll be guided by a professional Blues artist with more than 15 years of experience in the field, with 6 albums and hundreds of concerts around the world and top-class collaborations.

If you had to pay one-to-one lesson with a professional teacher to show off all of the scales you get with “Scale Concepts”, it would cost you $1,500 or more.

You can get “Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar” for ONLY $59 / month x 5 months or $269 one-time-payment fee (-10% off the toal).

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What GUITARlab students say

Reviews and feedback from current students
A fantastic way to learn complex topics!

I want to thank our coach Davide for making such an in-depth and complex course so simple! A perfect program if you like to understand harmony and its practical application. I feel everybody can level up their playing with this method. All you need is LOTS of APPLICATION, and the results will come!

The best source of teaching materials!

GUITARlab, created by Davide Pannozzo, is a comprehensive website and a great source of teaching materials to learn how to play the Blues. Davide is not only a great player, but an excellent instructor, and the site contains a vast amount of material from soloing techniques, rhythm playing, scales, tunes, improvisation, master classes, transcriptions, video demonstrations, detailed individualized feedback, and even more all at your fingertips on an easy-to-understand platform.

I personally strongly recommend this method as a transformational step for any guitarist who wishes to further expand their knowledge and capabilities and deep dive into the Blues. If you can make the time in your busy schedule to utilize even a small portion of the material presented you will certainly find this to be a great tool to guide you on your journey.

Extremely positive experience
Jorge Ernesto

My experience as a member of the Guitarlab has been highly positive. The energy among the students is tremendous and inspiring. We are so lucky to have a guitar hero as a teacher.

Davide’s an exceptional musician with excellent pedagogy. 

I really don’t understand how Davide manages to find the time to help us all. Remember our names and vulnerabilities as students. His patience and dedication as a teacher are incredible.

Very helpful method

The texts, licks, and video demonstrations explained the topics very well.

I found it extremely useful to send the video recordings to coach Davide Pannozzo, since they “forced” me to do a lot of practice and master the various topics we studied.

The feedback I received from Davide was constructive to understand what to correct and where to improve.

About me: Davide Pannozzo

Find out more about your guitar coach!

Davide Pannozzo has been described by critics as one of the most interesting artist’s of contemporary Blues guitar. His style is very much his own with splashes of Jeff Beck, John Scofield, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

“There are very few artists these days that can inspire and are filled with inspiration and great ideas, Davide Pannozzo is one of them. When you first hear his music you know there is something special going on…” Will Lee (Late Show with David Letterman, The Brecker Brothers, 24th Street Band, …)

Having studied Classical Guitar since the age of six, Davide went on to graduate from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

During his career he has performed at a number of clubs and festivals in Italy (Pistoia Blues, Ameno Blues, Blues in Town, Accadia Blues, …) and abroad (The Bitter End in NYC, Bass Player in Los Angeles, IBC in Memphis, Ronnie Scott’s in London, Fete de la Musique in Paris,International Jazz Fest in Bucharest, Taubertal Festival in Frankfurt, …) and has played alongside artists such as George Benson, Steve Jordan, Will Lee, David Garfield, Clifford Carter, Phil Palmer and Mark Mondesir to name just a few.

Davide won the Emergenza European Acoustic Festival as Acoustic Solo Guitarist in 2009, followed by the Groove Master Award for Best Italian Blues guitarist in 2010, and most recently the Highland Uproarcompetition where he received hundreds of votes from listeners of the station in Scotland.

His album Born Electric was released by EmArcy/Universal Music featuring very special guests: Robben Ford, Carl Verheyen, and David Garfield.

His Jimi Hendrix tribute, “A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix” features off the floor recordings – with no overdubs –  it gets #1 on iTunes top100 Blues Album in Italy and iTunes top100 New Blues Release in the USA.

His new album, “Unconditional Love” has been produced by Steve Jordan & Will Lee, with the participation of Ricky Peterson, Oli Rockberger, Shawn Pelton. The song “Chasing Illusions”is still in heavy rotation on SiriusXM and it got the Top50 Jazz Blues Album Radio chart in the US.


Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

Get started now!
✓ Easily apply all the scales you can use on the Blues and learn how to play them on the chord changes.

✓ Stop worrying about which scale you might use on each type of chord!

✓ Stop wasting money on one-on-one guitar lessons or searching on YouTube for hours, with no results.

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GUITARlab is a Modern Blues Academy founded and run by Davide Pannozzo.

With more than 6 records in his name, hundreds of live concerts all around the world, and international collaborations with artists such as Steve Jordan, Robben Ford, Josh Smith, Matt Schofield & Oz Noy, Davide is the main guitar coach of the Academy.

Our philosophy is: we only teach what we experimented with ourselves as artists!

With GUITARLab you can be sure that a high level and qualified teacher will support you with your studies, which you can pursue from anywhere in the world!

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